Real, Fiery DeFi: What Is LAVA? FAQ & Mission🔥🔥🔥

What Is LavaSwap?

LavaSwap is the first interoperable decentralized cross-chain swap protocol powered by Huobi Eco Chain.

Unique components of LavaSwap

  • Melting Pool Bridge: add any crypto asset and bridge it to other leading chains. LAVA’s cross-chain bridge will open up assets to play across the whole crypto world.
  • Blazing DeFi Playground: Magma Mayhem Pools with fiery APYs and special features.
  • Much more
  • We are the first HECO AMM to offer new-to HECO, yet already established alt-coin liquidity pools (LPs)
  • We’re taking full advantage of the Huobi community by providing arbitrage opportunities amongst HECO tokens that are hosted on in the near future.
  • We’ve got a brand new, smarter (and cheaper) farming experience ready to melt your face off with. Together, with one of the top global crypto ecosystems -Huobi. The sky is the limit!

What Makes LAVA Special vs Other DEX Projects

Main advantages of LAVA:

  1. Cross-chain bridge: connecting different assets on different chains. Easier accessibility to new assets and innovations.
  2. Insane TVL growth: from 0 to $30m Total Value Locked in a week.
  3. Fiery APYs: great % for early supporters.
  4. Current & upcoming supported formats (on cross-chain bridge):
  • BSC
  • ETH
  • DOT
  • TRON
  • Other top DeFi projects
  • More

Why LAVA’s DeFi is so powerful and inevitable.

DeFi, short for Decentralized Finance, is the idea that traditional financial models (banks, loans, mortgages…) can be recreated using blockchain technology, eliminating costly middlemen, making every process simpler, more accessible, and faster.

How We Are Expanding The LavaSwap Ecosystem

The cryptocurrency market has seen an unprecedented explosion of DeFi applications, services and projects. While it’s early, DeFi can have a huge impact on many different industries and sectors.

Why HECO Will Succeed

HECO is a DeFi-focused chain with rapid transaction times, low gas fees and a massive built-in community from the world-class Huobi exchange ecosystem.

  1. Standards: Huobi values are present in HECO, as well as an amazing brand behind the chain, and a massive community built by the Huobi exchange ecosystem overtime.

LAVA’s Development Plans On HECO

HECO will help LavaSwap build cross-chain applications that couldn’t be possible in any other chain:

  • We want to involve the #HECO community into the governance of LAVA, as holders can use their tokens to vote on governance proposals regarding changes and upgrades to the protocol.
  • We will continue to offer established alt-coin liquidity pools (LPs) into the HECO ecosystem.
  • We want to continue improving our farming pools, with new, smarter and cheaper experiences, ready to melt your face off with!
  • We will be providing arbitrage opportunities amongst HECO tokens that are hosted on in the near future.

Working With HECO

It is a great pleasure to work with HECO. The team is has a lot of knowledge about the blockchain industry, and they are very professional.

How We Built Our Community

It is cool to be part of building something from the ground up with HECO!

BLAZING DeFi Playground & Cross-chain Asset Bridge