Massive HECO Liquidity Pool Launch Announcement! 🔥🔥🔥

As per the iLAVA DAO VOTE 004 result, the LAVA commnity has spoken!

The winning choice by a wide margin was option #4:

4. 30%. Bring the 25.2 million (84 million X 30%) HECO back and do a new LAVA — USDT liquidity pool similar to LAVA (BSC), the details will be via voting.

Vote link:

What does that mean?

A massive liquidity pool for everyone to get a piece of and earn BIG TIME LAVA! 🔥🔥🔥

On January 5th at 9 AM EST a massive LAVA liquidity pool will be fired up on HECO!



EST time: January 5th at 9: 00 am

Beijing time: January 5th at 10: 00 pm
Reward Details: Start with 126,000 LAVA per day for 100 days; Then halvening kicks in.
Trading Pair: Initially supports 1 trading pair, LAVA /USDT
LAVA/USDT LP:0x3f15f2075aa11be4757aa522d133c0dbc7e878ce

— — — — — — — — —

About LAVA

LAVA is an interoperable decentralized cross-chain swap protocol powered by BSC + HECO. Since its launch, it has been actively exploring the best development model for the DEX market, with a peak TVL of $200M+. After months of research and discussion, LavaSwap has a deeper understanding of the DEX development and community user needs. V2 will make new adjustments and upgrades on the basis of the existing economic model, and is committed to leading the DEX market into the new era!

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BLAZING DeFi Playground & Cross-chain Asset Bridge

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