LAVA completed a full audit in BSC’s DEX, and will officially launch NEXT WEEK!

3 min readJul 4, 2021

Lavaswap goes FULL-FORCE to BSC and what’s more important than a full audit for our BSC DEX!

It is vital to audit new innovations to ensure there are no bugs or potential threats that can affect the users of the platform. We care about our users and the longevity of the platform and that’s why we want to ensure the code written is safe, secure, and efficient before we deploy the smart contracts!

The audit itself has been conducted by a world-leading expert in the field of Cyber Security and Blockchain. It’s amazing that we get to work with some of the biggest names in Cyber Security and Blockchain to ensure the safety of the platform. We are very excited to present the report to the community. It’s a very long and detailed report and would like to personally thank the Beosin team for their work and due diligence in their audit.

🔒 Smart Contract Security Audit Report

Github link to Beosin Audit Report

Beosin is a blockchain security company providing cybersecurity services including security audits, on-chain asset investigation, threat intelligence, and wallet security. Beosin aims to provide the best services to secure your smart contracts, DApps, and wallets. Using formal verification methods in its core technology, Beosin’s VaaS verification platform has audited over 500 smart contracts globally.

😈🔥🚀 Lavaswap — BSC DEX fees

Lavaswap BSC DEX

There will be a standard 0.3% transaction fee on all swaps performed in the Lavaswap BSC DEX. We have changed the allocation of where the 0.3% is distributed to ensure the longevity of the platform and to benefit long-term iLAVA holders.

0.3% transaction fee

  • 0.1% is used for project innovation/tech fund and operational fund
  • 0.1% buyback and goes to iLAVA holders
  • 0.1% goes to the LP holders of the trading pair

Lavaswap V2 — New Economic Model

LavaSwap is launching a new economic model. LavaSwap V2 will be upgrading its DEX platform. LavaSwap plans to introduce strategic investors to change the current problem of “mine, withdraw and sell” in liquidity mining, and to maximize the benefits of LAVA long-term token holders and ecological participants.

LAVA is an interoperable decentralized cross-chain swap protocol powered by BSC. Since its launch, it has been actively exploring the best development model for the DEX market. After months of research and discussion, LavaSwap has a deeper understanding of the DEX development and community user needs. V2 will make new adjustments and upgrades on the basis of the existing economic model, and is committed to leading the DEX market in the new era!

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