iLAVA Vote 003 — First BSC Liquidity Pool Pair 🗳️🗳️🗳️

It’s your choice! Get ready to rock the iLAVA vote. This is the last vote before the big upcoming pool launch…

Background: As per our vote 002, our community has decided on that we should allocate 80%, all of it for LAVA Liquidity Pool Rewards & decide the 20% later.

This means that 80% of 84 million of LAVA token will be allocated to our BSC liquidity pool. That means there are totally 67,200,000 LAVA to be minted via providing liquidity on LAVAswap.

Distribution: We plan to introduce halving rules for the liquidity pool. The liquidity pool will generate 336,000 LAVA per day. 😱😱😱

This would be for the first 100 days and the daily LAVA will decrease to 50% every 100 days, i.e., halving event happens for every 100 days.

Here is the vote 003: what should the the first pair be? Should it be LAVA/USDT or LAVA/BNB?



Vote here:

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LAVA is an interoperable decentralized cross-chain swap protocol powered by BSC + HECO. Since its launch, it has been actively exploring the best development model for the DEX market, with a peak TVL of $200M+. After months of research and discussion, LavaSwap has a deeper understanding of the DEX development and community user needs. V2 will make new adjustments and upgrades on the basis of the existing economic model, and is committed to leading the DEX market into the new era!

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BLAZING DeFi Playground & Cross-chain Asset Bridge

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