Hello Lava Boys and Girls!

We value transparency and community first and foremost at Lava. We candidly have been trying several directions for Lava recently behind the scenes and in the market, not to the intended effects we were looking for.

We have heard our valued community’s feedback and thoughts. Please note that we have completed the 80% burn on HECO of the total token supply, however, we have not done so to the corresponding amount on BSC. As we decide the next steps for the project, we would like to present a decentralized vote for our top holders to help steer us in the direction that you guys want. Therefore, based on your recent feedback, there are a few popular options that we have collected from our community.

1. Using the investor locked token and giving daily FIXED rewards to iLAVA holders.

2. Burn part of the 84 million tokens and use some for liquidity pool rewards and DAO rewards.

3. DO NOTHING for now and we need to wait for a better option.

How to Vote:

1. Please connect your wallet and make sure that you are on BSC network.

2. Only iLAVA HOLDERS have the right to participate.

3. 1 iLAVA = 1 VOTE power.

4. Please ensure that the wallet you connected has iLAVA staked.

iLAVA Vote 001 — iLAVA rewards options:

Background: since we expanded our ecosystem to BSC, we canceled the daily LAVA rewards, which was 8,000 LAVA/day. However, we would like to reboots our iLAVA system by starting a 100-day iLAVA SPECIAL reward system. Please use your iLAVA staking to vote!

For more information, please refer to our medium article here:

Where is the rewards coming from? It comes from the 1 million LAVA token which was reserved for our investors.

Vote Options:

A: 3,000 LAVA/day. Total budget = 300,000 LAVA.

B: 5,000 LAVA/day. Total budget = 500,000 LAVA.

C: 8,000 LAVA/day. Total budget = 800,000 LAVA.

D: DO NOTHING for Now. We will vote for the future if there are better options.

Voting link:

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LAVA is an interoperable decentralized cross-chain swap protocol powered by BSC + HECO. Since its launch, it has been actively exploring the best development model for the DEX market, with a peak TVL of $200M+. After months of research and discussion, LavaSwap has a deeper understanding of the DEX development and community user needs. V2 will make new adjustments and upgrades on the basis of the existing economic model, and is committed to leading the DEX market into the new era!

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