🤝 Mint and redeem iLAVA

When I mint iLAVA, will I get charged the 5% transfer fee?

What’s the exit fee?

🤑 What are iLAVA (BSC) benefits/rewards?

Benefits to long-term holders

  • 2.5% of EVERY LAVA (BSC) transfer is sent to iLAVA (BSC) holders as a way to incentivize and reward long-term LAVA holders
  • 0.1% of every transaction fee performed on the Lavaswap (BSC) DEX is dedicated to iLAVA holders.

Community-based DAO

🔁 How do you convert iLAVA (HECO) to iLAVA (BSC)?

🗳 Can I vote?

🌟 Lavaswap (BSC) NEW ADDITION 🌟

🔒 Audit Reports

Lavaswap V2 — New Economic Model



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