How To Use Lava Swap! 🔥🌋

We will officially launch Lava Swap on January 27th at 9 am (EST).

There are 5 exclusive airdrop pools for our key HECO ecosystem partners, which include HUSD, HBTC, HT, HPT and SKM. Each of the pool will get an allocation of 200,000 LAVA tokens in total. For more information click here.

Below there’s a guide on how to participate in LAVA First Week Genesis Airdrop!

Step-by-step guide:

Step 1: Go to LavaSwap


Step 2: Connect your wallet (it needs to support HECO and HT).

  • We recommend using Metamask.
  • Metamask for desktop: you’ll need to change the Network from Ethereum to HECO mainnet (how to do that here).
Put the details on metamask and click on “Save”

-Network name: HECO-mainnet

-Network RPC URL:

-Chain ID: 128

-Symbol: HT

-Block Explorer:

  • Metamask for mobile: it is the same process as in desktop, but the option to change networks is under the “settings” tab.

-Network name: HECO- Mainnet

-Network RPC URL:

-Chain ID: 128

-Symbol: HT

-Block Explorer:

Step 3: Have enough HT (HECO) to cover for gas fees + the token you want to stake. Don’t worry, it is way cheaper than ETH!

Step 4: Click on “Farm” at the top bar.

Home page after you connect your wallet

Step 5: Select the pool you want to participate in.

  • Stake HUSD (HECO), HT (HECO), HBTC (HECO), HPT (HECO) or SKM (HECO) to earn LAVA.

Step 6: Click “Open”. For example, the HUSD Pool looks like this:

Step 7: Click “Stake Tokens” — Then you will be redirected to Metamask (or any other wallet) to complete the transaction.

  • There are other features that can be found on the same page: unstake tokens, claim rewards, or both at the same time 💥

Step 8: Enjoy your LAVA rewards!

To learn more about LAVA First Week Genesis Airdrop click here.

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LAVA is a the first interoperable decentralized cross-chain swap protocol powered by Huobi Eco Chain. We believe that DeFi should be fun and easy to use for everybody!

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