Hot New Liquidity Pool Announcement: DATT

LavaSwap will launch two new liquidity pools for DATT at 9 AM on April 23, 2021 (EST), adding two trading pairs of DATT/USDT and DATT/NULS. The total daily LAVA rewards for all the liquidity pools remains unchanged at 54,794.52 LAVA.

Starting from this time, when the liquidity pool updated, the promotion trading pair will be launched. In the future, the promotion trading pair will be proposed and voted on by iLAVA holders, and the trading pair that will be launched in the future will be decided by iLAVA holders.

This time, the promotion trading pair is ETH/USDT, with 3 times the original reward and an estimated APY = 185%. The daily LAVA reward of ETH/USDT has changed from 2,739.73 to 8,219.18.

The adjusted liquidity pools and daily LAVA rewards (compared to before) will be as follows:

About DATT:

DATT (Digital Assets Trust Token) is a decentralized digital asset trusted service network with “sustainable value growth” as the core strategy and provides Internet application innovation and IP protection core functions. DATT is committed to building a unified value interconnection, value circulation and value growth infrastructure between Internet applications. DATT will empower the traditional Internet and strive to create a safe, efficient and easy-to-use “value ecology” blockchain public operating platform.


LAVA is a the first interoperable decentralized cross-chain swap protocol powered by Huobi Eco Chain. We believe that DeFi should be fun and easy to use for everybody.

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