Gene Finance x LAVA: $50K Staking Rewards Explosion! 馃К馃懡馃馃挵

At LAVA, we are always on the lookout for amazing projects to partner with and grow together with.

Gene Finance has now announced that they will continue our strategic partnership together by opening 4 new farms starting on March 1st and 2nd, 2021.

The four farms are listed below.

Liquidity Pools

路 Earn LAVA with REC-USDT LP tokens

路 Earn LAVA with GENE-USDT LP tokens

路 Earn GENE with LAVA

路 Earn GENE with LAVA-REC LP tokens

We advise users to use the following contract addresses to find our tokens on Lava Swap:

- GENE Heco contract address: 0x2cfa849e8506910b2564afe5bdef33ba66c730aa

- REC Heco contract address: 0xb934895F338517555035746b5A5C0e2f69EdA3Dc

- USDT Heco contract address: 0xa71edc38d189767582c38a3145b5873052c3e47a

- LAVA Heco contract address: 0x56f95662e71f30b333b456439248c6de589082a4

The liquidity provision process will be the same as explained in the following guide:

However, in order to earn these rewards, you will have to lock your liquidity in farms on

We hope you enjoy this important milestone and we thank the community for your continuous support.

For more details on the Gene Finance Ecosystem check this out:


LAVA is a the first interoperable decentralized cross-chain swap protocol powered by Huobi Eco Chain. We believe that DeFi should be fun and easy to use for everybody.

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