Flame On! Lava Swap is Imminent.🔥

BLAZING DeFi Playground & Cross-chain Asset Bridge 🔥🔥🔥

What is Lava Swap?

Lava Swap is the first interoperable decentralized cross-chain swap protocol powered by Huobi Eco Chain.

It’s Getting Hot In Here 🥵

Crypto and DeFi are becoming a new world order.

People want flexibility and freedom of assets to do what they want.

They are tired of spending crazy gas fees and want to spread their assets across chains and the whole crypto universe.

Crypto is currently too ETH dependant.

Ethereum (ETH) primarily dominates DeFi ~99% dominance (DeFi Pulse, Aug 1, 2020).

· While ETH is truly ground-breaking, public chains designed for generic use will fundamentally achieve scalability issues as they lack dedicated focus to pure finance use cases.

· Sophisticated issuers and investors have concerns with offerings purely on public chains like ETH.

· E.g. Governance, Lack of absolute finality of transactions, Identifying investors with no built-in KYC and Custody

The Rest of the CryptoVerse Wants to Join…

Introducing Lava Swap: SWAP, POOL + CROSSCHAIN DEX. We envision a world where all crypto assets can come play in our BLAZING DeFi playground.

Upcoming Components:

-Melting Pool Bridge — add any crypto asset and bridge it to other leading chains. LAVA’s cross-chain bridge will open up assets to play across the whole crypto world.

-Blazing DeFi Playground. Magma Mayhem Pools with fiery APYs and special features.

  • Inferno Swaps
  • NFT swaps and staking
  • +Much More

LAVA Token Economics:

LAVA is 100% on HECO, and there is no pre-sale, no VC allocation, and open access for everyone.

Token Supply

The 100 Million LAVA supply will be put in circulation over the next three years, with 70% going to Mining and Staking, 10% to long-term LAVA token holders (DAO), 10% to team members and future employees (DAO), 10% to marketing and ecosystem building.

After the three-year genesis supply is distributed, a perpetual inflation rate of 2% will start, to incentivize participation in the protocol over passive ownership. All token distribution details are subject to change.

· Stage 1: Airdrop Mining Phase (4 weeks, 1% of LAVA)

There are 5 exclusive airdrop pools for our key HECO ecosystem partners, which include HUSD, HBTC, HT, HPT and SKM. Each of the pool will get an allocation of 200,000 LAVA tokens in total.

Distribution: 4 weeks, halving every 2 weeks

Time: 8pm, January 26 — Feb 23, 2021 (EST)

· Stage 2: Liquidity Mining and Ecosystem Partners (3 years, 69% of LAVA)

2.1 Genesis Liquidity Mining Phase (8 weeks, 5% of LAVA)

The LAVA airdrop precedes a liquidity mining campaign set to go live Feb 4, 2021 at 8pm EST.

Of the 100 Million total genesis supply, 5M LAVA will be allocated to the HUSD-LAVA, HBTC-LAVA, HT-LAVA, HPT-LAVA and SKM-LAVA pools over the next two months. Users can provide liquidity and stake their positions via the new LAVA mining dashboard to earn a pro-rata claim of the 5M LAVA allocated to each pool. You can unstake any time and the reward is calculated per block.

2.2 Other HECO Liquidity Mining (3 years, 64% in total)

We will provide airdrop to the other liquidity pools to more HECO partners.

Different liquidity pools have different weights, such that some will receive a greater portion of LAVA tokens than others. This pool weight is flexible and can be changed via a governance vote or when new pools are added to the protocol. More details will be announced soon.

· Special Long-term LAVA HOLDLER Staking Pool and DAO ( 3 years, 10% in total)

We will announce more details soon. We will assign a time weight to our airdrop program. If you stake LAVA, you will get LAVA. But the longer that you stake, the more you can get.

· Trading Fee and Token Burn System

0.3% of the fees on all trades will be collected and redistributed to benefit the Lavaswap ecosystem. 0.2% of the fees will be added to the liquidity pool and accrued in real time. The fees are claimed automatically when withdrawing your liquidity. 0.05% will be used to buyback and burn LAVA. 0.05% will be used to continue innovation and further development.

· Governance & DAO — LAVA holders can use their tokens to vote on governance proposals regarding changes and upgrades to the protocol.

Lock-up structure:
Total Genesis Supply = 100,000,000 LAVA, no inflation until year 3
Mining and Staking (70%) = 156 weeks, unlocks weekly
Long-term LAVA token holders & DAO (10%)= 156 weeks, unlocks weekly Team lockup (10%) = 104 weeks, unlocks weekly
Marketing, Partnerships & Ecosystem Building (10%) = 104 weeks, unlocks weekly

Built on Huobi Eco Chain for Scorching Hot Swapping 🔥

· For LAVA, we want interoperability to be front and center.

· While we think the ETH network is great, DeFi + NFTs do not belong only to one chain, they should be accessible for everyone.

· That’s now possible with HECO, a powerful, DeFi focused chain with rapid transaction times, low gas fees and a massive built-in community from the world-class Huobi exchange ecosystem! We are excited to join their Tinder-stage ecosystem building initiative.

Lava’s Cross-chain bridge will open up assets to play across the whole crypto world.

Current & upcoming supported formats:

  • BSC
  • ETH
  • DOT
  • TRON
  • More!

Blazing DeFi Playground:

Inferno Staking Pools- Sneak Peak:


V1 of Lava Swap is coming this week! Stay tuned. 🔥🔥🔥

🐦Follow our Twitter profile for more updates: https://twitter.com/LavaSwap




BLAZING DeFi Playground & Cross-chain Asset Bridge

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BLAZING DeFi Playground & Cross-chain Asset Bridge

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