LAVA is all about community and we want all community members to feel their ideas are being listened to. We have had a few people suggest that we increase our HECO supply and reopen a new liquidity mining pool for HECO. In the spirit of democracy, we will be doing…

You voted, you made your voice heard, and now its time for action!

LAVA DAO vote 003 is complete. Loud and clear, USDT is the preferred pair:

It’s your choice! Get ready to rock the iLAVA vote. This is the last vote before the big upcoming pool launch…

Background: As per our vote 002, our community has decided on that we should allocate 80%, all of it for LAVA Liquidity Pool Rewards & decide the 20% later.

The second vote for iLAVA holders is now complete and the results are here!

Our community has decided on that we should allocate 80%, all of it for LAVA Liquidity Pool Rewards & decide the 20% later.

Vote result link:

A few days ago, we announced the VOTE 001 results from our first iLAVA DAO vote. The engagement was awesome, and we heard you loud and clear.

Based on our VOTE 001 result, we will start our iLAVA daily rewards at 8000 LAVA/day for the next 100 days.



As you know, we launched our very first iLAVA DAO vote… and the results are in!

The level of engagement was truly amazing and is a great indicator of the passion that our community has for LAVA and going forward!

And now… the moment you’ve all been waiting for…


In the spirit of democracy, we are also doing a second vote beyond our first vote for iLAVA holders. This one will be specifically about future liquidity pools.

iLAVA Vote 002 — Liquidity Pool

We listen to our community and iLAVA will help decide where we are heading to!

Hello Lava Boys and Girls!

We value transparency and community first and foremost at Lava. We candidly have been trying several directions for Lava recently behind the scenes and in the market, not to the intended effects we were looking for.

We have heard our valued community’s feedback and thoughts. Please note that we have…

Lavaswap goes FULL-FORCE to BSC and what’s more important than a full audit for our BSC DEX!

It is vital to audit new innovations to ensure there are no bugs or potential threats that can affect the users of the platform. We care about our users and the longevity of…

A deep dive into the NEW iLAVA membership

🤝 Mint and redeem iLAVA

Users are able to mint and redeem iLAVA on the BSC by swapping LAVA for iLAVA.

When I mint iLAVA, will I get charged the 5% transfer fee?

No. We have added the smart contract address as a whitelist. Therefore, when you mint iLAVA, you will not be charged the 5% LAVA (BSC) transfer fee. However, you will be charged an exit…


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